Tailored Solutions For Your Business


Executive Offices

Prestigious location, 24-hour secure access, & all the amenities.


Conference Rooms

Decked out with first class furniture & tech. Book our executive conference room.


Virtual Office

Low cost with short-term leasing. Still all of the amenities. Perfect for your business identity.


Training Rooms

Large meetings, classes, workshops or just room to stretch your legs.


On-Demand Office

Ditch the coffee shop. Flexible options for your budget and needs.


Video Conferencing

High-performance set-up for your team to set up a video conference call.

All-Inclusive Amenities

AMG Corporate Offices-Des Peres has invested in the latest phone and internet connectivity to help your business succeed. Enjoy multiple lines on your desktop phone with the ability to conference up to six different people, retrieve voice mail from the phone, use the built-in speaker phone, call forward and many more features with our state-of-the-art Toshiba phone system. Use our app on your smartphone to bring the office with you. Our Fiber Optic internet is built for security, and production.

Do you have a presentation to make to clients? In our conference rooms, plug your laptop into the middle of the conference table for power, internet and a connection to the flat screen on the wall. Now you are ready to display your PowerPoint presentation, access an internet site or take part in a webinar. Perhaps your presentation is more basic, and all you need is a dry erase board. No problem; it’s on the wall.

A state-of-the-art printer/copier is an important part of your business communications. AMG provides the latest technology from Konica, insuring your ability to produce the best business documents in color or black-and-white printing. Need to scan a file to your e-mail? No problem. The printer scans as quickly as it copies. Need an archival color print made? No problem. Need a limited-run brochure made up? No problem. It will also fax your documents.

Cable television feeds the business news to our flat screens in the reception area, break room and conference rooms, along with the occasional sporting event. If you like your business news on your desk, we can put a satellite connection into your office.

Administrative support allows your business to run smoothly! AMG’s administrative staff makes your clients feel welcome from the moment they enter your corporate world. We’ll answer every call with your company name, so your clients don’t have to go through a mechanical maze to reach you.

AMG also helps with day-to-day production needs. Whether you need a presentation printed and bound, help with expense reports, holiday cards, or even a slick brochure pulled together. We also can help with catered meals and travel arrangements. AMG Corporate Offices provides the administrative support to help you with those projects which could take up your valuable time, freeing you to be more productive in your business.

AMG Corporate Offices has added a new client portal to our web site. Here our clients can log in and find much to support their day

Clients can see the availability of the board room, training room, virtual office or small conference room. With information on when the rooms are open, they can easily plan a meeting or presentation and request a reservation.

Work requests are also found here. On any given day, a client may need administrative services, maintenance help, catering, printing, mailing or editing services. Requests can be accomplished online.

On our new portal, clients can check out the weather in Des Peres, the latest news, and current stock market ticker. They’ll find office contact information, a map of the surrounding area and the many dining establishments to suit their taste, plus emergency guidelines such as what to do during a weather warning.

At AMG Corporate Offices-Des Peres, we look for new ways to be of service to our clients.

AMG’s staff and reception makes your guests feel welcome from the moment they enter your corporate world. We’ll answer every call with your company name, so your clients don’t have to go through a mechanical maze to reach you.

Out of the office or unavailable to answer your phone? Never miss a beat. You can have a professional answer your phone 8am-6pm Monday – Friday. Our full-service phone system can link directly to your mobile device, another landline, and email.

Our reception can also sign packages, sort mail, as well as handle shipping and receiving. We’ll also arrange a courier delivery, overnight package or a regular mailing.

Travel is getting more expensive every day. AMG Corporate Offices is proud to offer you the latest in videoconferencing.

HD videoconferencing equipment are a part of a modern office today. We have both set up to call to any IP address across the globe. Need a location on the other end for that client or interviewee to go to? No problem. We are affiliated with a worldwide network of videoconference centers and can bridge to a variety of video technologies.

Location, location, location will be important in your office choice. How easy is your location to find? How easy is it to describe? How central is it? How close to major highways? How close to clients?

AMG Corporate Offices-Des Peres is located at the prestigious Corporate Hill business address, conveniently between I-270 and Manchester Road. All roads in the St. Louis metropolitan area – whether it be from downtown, the airport, Illinois, west county or south county – lead to Corporate Hill with easy access from all directions.

And let’s do lunch! There are more than 30 restaurants within a mile of our office location, with a full gamut of culinary choices. Or if you want us to order breakfast or lunch for you and your guests and have it brought in, we can do that, too.

Not only that, a variety of food trucks is scheduled in our parking lot during each weekday of the month. You’ll want to check them out.

A break room is important for a change of pace in your busy day. At AMG Corporate Offices, you’ll enjoy our conveniently located, attractive break room. It is designed to give our clients a pleasing atmosphere in their office complex. Fresh ground, deluxe brewed coffee is in the carafe and invites our clients to have a cup. A fully stocked soda machine provides your favorite carbonated beverage or bottled water. An ice machine and refrigerator are among the amenities. You can fire up the microwave and heat up your lunch or make a batch of popcorn for a late afternoon snack. Do it all while catching up on the business news on the flat screen TV (or maybe Cardinal baseball or March Madness).

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